Sunday, July 8, 2007

Bucket Hunt

Team PEN15

Board Game Communication Method: Computer Item: Bucket

Game Overview:
Essentially the aim of Bucket Hunt is just that: hunt for a bucket. A bucket will be hidden somewhere around the RMIT University city campus. The players play a board game on a computer (made in Macromedia Flash) to get clues and hopefully figure out the location of the bucket.

The aim of the game is to test players in their problem solving skills as well as their teamwork and co-ordination skills.

Number of Players:
The game is played by 3 teams of 5-7 people working on separate computers, with separate flash board games.

Physical Location:
The game is played within the RMIT University city campus but it can be adaptable to any other location if the game master changes the clues.

Special Paraphernalia:
Teams will need access to computers that will have the Flash games working on them. Headphones are also supplied for each team to use to listen to the clues.


  • The goals of the game are:
  • Teams choosing someone as their Listener (if they want)
  • Teams would be working out the clues.
  • Piecing all the clues together
  • Working out the location of the bucket.
How Players Achieve the Goals:
  • Players will achieve the goals by hitting the [ROLL DICE] button in the Flash game.
  • This would then activate an audio clip depending on which square the player lands on.
  • One member of the team listens to the audio clip and conveys it to the rest of the team.
  • Once the player icon has landed on a square the team has 7.5 minutes to work out the clue and hunt for the bucket.
  • The more clues you work out the more likely the team will find the location of the bucket.
  • If the team does not return within the 7.5 minute time limit, they incur a 1 minute penalty until they can roll again.
  • If the team has no idea about the location of the bucket, or returns within the 7.5 minutes, they must still wait until the 7.5 minute finding period is up.
  • If they hit the [BACK] button before the 7.5 minutes is up they can avoid the 1 minute penalty.
  • If the player hits [BACK] button they will start from square 1 again and work their way around the board once again, hopefully landing on different clues to increase their chances of finding the bucket.
  • These steps are repeated until one of the teams is able to piece enough clues together to find the bucket.
  • There are 3 teams
  • Each team has 5-7 players - Each team sits at a separate computer
  • Each computer has the Flash Board Game running on it
  • All team members must (re)enter the room before the dice can be rolled
  • The players cannot look for the bucket until they land on the bucket square
  • The Flash game is programmed to land on the bucket square once every round, e.g. If the player is on square 18 and then rolls a 4, they will still be moved to the bucket square rather than square 2.

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